About Us

About Us

Welcome to Avenzore –thank you for being here with us.

In honor of the Andalusian physician, surgeon and poet, Ibn Zohr, for his progressive influence in both science and medicine, Avenzore is a natural health supplements store based in the Netherlands. We take pride in offering vitamin and multivitamin natural health supplements intended to help boost your overall well-being and immune system.

With Avenzore health store, you are not only investing in helping improve your body’s overall functioning,

but you are also investing in the assurance that all of our natural health supplements and dermatological products are of the highest quality.
We firmly believe that all individuals deserve to feel and look their best without having to go over their budget to do so. Which is why Avenzore is committed to offering industry leading products from Europe that are both accessible and affordable to our customers worldwide.

Our health store operates based on transparency and we are dedicated to offering our customers exceptional services.

Thank you again for choosing Avenzore.

Promoting health and wellness naturally with high quality vitamin and mineral supplements crafted to easily dissolve in your water.

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